VyStar Credit Union Improves Member Experience Reduces Fraud with Verint Identity Authentication

first_imgVyStar Credit Union Improves Member Experience, Reduces Fraud with Verint Identity Authentication Solution PRNewswireMay 23, 2019, 4:01 pmMay 23, 2019 Fraud detectionidentity authenticationMarketing TechnologyNewsVerint SystemsVyStar Credit Union Previous ArticleBigCommerce and Ordergroove Partner to Deliver Subscription Experiences for Enterprise Brands and RetailersNext ArticleLocal DTC Brands Top Glossier, Harry’s & Casper, Converting a Quarter of Consumers Verint Helps Financial Services Company Enhance Data Security, Protect Member Identity and Drive Operational EfficienciesVerint Systems Inc., The Customer Engagement Company, announced that VyStar Credit Union has expanded its partnership with Verint to enhance the security of member information in VyStar’s contact center. VyStar will be adding Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection to reduce operational costs and protect member identity, while improving the overall experience of VyStar’s over 655,000 members.“We embrace a partner like Verint that understands our business and is focused on delivering quantifiable business outcomes across multiple member touch-points.”With today’s enhanced security on credit cards and online channels, fraudsters are targeting contact centers as a more vulnerable entry point into organizations to gather consumer information and potentially steal their identity and money. At VyStar, multiple layers of protection will be provided by Verint, starting with adaptive fraud analytics, to perform real-time threat analysis prior to the call reaching an agent.This includes analyzing both telephony and voice self-service behavioral data, where unique characteristics and patterns often give clues ahead of a fraudulent event. Once the call reaches a live agent, the voice is further analyzed through Verint’s embedded voice biometrics, and the customer can be authenticated seamlessly, or identified as a fraudster.Marketing Technology News: Elliot’s Mobile-First Commerce Platform Enables Direct-to-Consumer Distribution at Global Scale“A fraud situation is a highly emotionally-charged event, one that can either reinforce member trust or potentially destroy it,” said Melissa Thomas, Senior Vice President of Operations and Payments, VyStar Credit Union. “Automating our fraud detection with Verint will help our fraud department achieve incredible time savings over previous manual methods. These new Verint solutions in our contact center can take pressure off the employees by providing proactive fraud indicators in real-time to prevent fraud activity before it begins, while ensuring an excellent member experience.”As an integrated part of its comprehensive Customer Engagement portfolio, Verint’s Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection offering will help VyStar reduce fraud losses, the amount of time spent authenticating members, and operational costs to detect fraudulent behavior.“VyStar is excited about the breadth of solutions and depth of expertise Verint brings to the table,” added Chad Meadows, Chief Operating Officer, VyStar Credit Union. “We embrace a partner like Verint that understands our business and is focused on delivering quantifiable business outcomes across multiple member touch-points.”Marketing Technology News: Amazon Dominates E-Commerce Share, Ebay and Walmart Less of a Focus, Feedvisor Study FindsVerint’s John Goodson, senior vice president and general manager, products, adds, “With Verint Branch Security and Investigation offerings having combated fraud in VyStar’s branch locations since 2015, we are thrilled that VyStar has elevated its partnership with Verint to fight fraud in the contact center.”Alongside VyStar’s most recent purchase of Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection, the company has also invested in Verint’s Enterprise Feedback Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, Speech Analytics and Automated Quality Management solutions to address today’s digital transformation in workforce engagement, intelligent self-service, voice of the customer, fraud and compliance.Marketing Technology News: Vyond Announces End of Beta for Vyond Studio, Enhanced Security Featureslast_img read more

How Deepfakes and Other RealityDistorting AI Can Actually Help Us

first_img We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared The Transformation of Daisy Ridley Is Turning Heads Tagged In scienceartificial intelligenceaineurosciencepsychologydeepfakeshuman brain Post a Comment 16 Comments Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. We’re not far from the day when artificial intelligence will provide us with a paintbrush for reality. As the foundations we’ve relied upon lose their integrity, many people find themselves afraid of what’s to come. But we’ve always lived in a world where our senses misrepresent reality. New technologies will help us get closer to the truth by showing us where we can’t find it.From a historical viewpoint, we’ve never successfully stopped the progression of any technology and owe the level of safety and security we enjoy to that ongoing progression. While normal accidents do occur and the downsides of progress likely won’t ever cease to exist, we make the problem worse when trying to fight the inevitable. Besides, reality has never been as clear and accurate as we want to believe. We fight against new technology because we believe it creates uncertainty when, more accurately, it only shines a light on the uncertainty that’s always existed and we’ve preferred to ignore.We Already Accept False Realities Every DayThe dissolution of our reality—a fear brought on by artificial intelligence—is a mirage.  For a good while, we’ve put our trust in what we see and hear throughout our lives, whether in the media or from people we know. But neither constitutes reality because reality has never been absolute.  Our reality is a relative construct.  It’s what we agree upon together based on the information we gain from our experience.  By observing and sharing our observations we can attempt to construct a picture of an objective reality.  Naturally, that goal becomes much harder to achieve when people lie or utilize technology that makes convincing lies more possible. It seems to threaten the very stability of reality as we know it.But our idea of reality is flawed.  It’s comprised of human observation and conjecture.  It’s limited by how our bodies sense the world around us and how our brains process that acquired information.  Although we may capture a lot, we can only sense a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum and even that constitutes too much for our brains to process at once.  Like the healing brush in Photoshop, our brains fill in the gaps in our vision with its best guess at what belongs.  You can test your blind spots to get a better idea of how this works or just watch it in action by looking at an optical illusion like this:Image credit: BrainDen | Scroll or turn your head if you don’t see motionThis, among other cognitive processes, produces subject versions of reality. You already cannot experience every aspect of a moment, and you certainly won’t remember every detail. But on top of that, you don’t even see everything you see.  Your brain constructs the missing parts, hides visual information (especially when we’re moving), makes you hear the wrong sounds, and can mistake rubber limbs for your own. When you have a limited view of any given moment and the information you obtain isn’t fully accurate, to begin with, you’re left with a subjective version of reality than you’re able to gauge. Trusting collective human observations led us to believe geese grew on trees for about 700 years. Human observations, conclusions, and beliefs are not objective reality. Even in the best of circumstances we will, at times, get things extraordinarily wrong.Everything you know and understand passes through your brain and your brain doesn’t offer an accurate picture of reality.  To make matters worse, our memories often fail us in numerous ways.  The way we see the world is neither true or remotely complete. So, for a long time, we have relied on other people to help us understand what’s true.  That can work just fine in many situations, but sometimes people will lie or have vastly different versions of the same situation due to past experiences.  Either way, problems occur when subjective observations clash and people cannot agree upon what really happened.  Technology has helped us improve upon that problem—technology we widely feared during its initial introduction.We Either Trust or Distrust Technology Too MuchThroughout time we’ve created tools to help us survive as a species.  By developing new tools we’ve been able to spread information more easily and create a sense of trust. Video and audio recordings allowed us to bypass the brain’s processes and record an un-augmented record of an event—at least, from a singular point of view.  A video camera still fails to capture the full reality of a given moment.Security footage can look bad or even creepy but that doesn’t always indicate a real problem. | Image credit: Horror Freak NewsFor example, imagine someone pulls out a knife in a fight and fakes a swipe to try and frighten their attacker without any intention of doing actual harm. Video surveillance paints a different picture without this context. To an officer of the law, the security footage will show assault with a deadly weapon. With no other evidence to provide context, the officer has to err on the side of caution and make an arrest.Whether or not such assumptions lead to less crime or more questionable arrests doesn’t change the fact that an objective recording of reality misses information. We trust recordings as truth when they only offer a part of the truth. When we trust video, audio, or anything that cannot tell the full story, we put our faith in a medium that lies by omission by design—just like any observer of reality.Faults exist in technology but that doesn’t offer cause to discard it. Overall, we’ve benefited from advancements that allowed objective recordings of the world around us. Not all recordings require additional context. A video of a cute puppy might not be cute to everyone, but—for the most part—people will agree they’re seeing a puppy. Meanwhile, we used to call the sky green and can’t agree on the color of a dress in a bad photograph. As technology progresses and becomes accessible to more and more people, we all begin to learn when and how it can paint reality with a less accurate brush than we liked to believe.This realization causes fear because our system of understanding the world starts to break down. We can’t rely on the tools we once could to understand our world. We have to question the reliability of the things we seen recorded and that goes against much of what we’ve learned, experienced, and integrated into our identities. When new technologies emerge that further erode our ability to trust what’s familiar they incite this fear which we tend to attribute to the technology rather than ourselves. Phone calls are a normal part of life but they were, initially, seen as an instrument of the devil.Today, AI enjoys similar problems. Deepfakes stirred a panic when people began to see how easily a machine could swap faces in videos with startling accuracy—with numerous quality video and photos that met specific requirements. While these deepfakes rarely fooled anyone, we all got a glimpse of the near future where artificial intelligence would progress to a point where we’d fail to know the difference. That day came last month Stanford University, Princeton University, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and Adobe released a paper that demonstrated an incredibly simple method of editing recorded video to change spoken dialogue both visually and aurally that fooled the majority of people who saw the results. Take a look:Visit the paper’s abstract and you’ll find most of the text dedicated to ethical considerations—a common practice nowadays. AI researchers can’t do their jobs well without considering the eventual applications of their work. That includes discussing malicious use cases so people can understand how to use it for good purposes and allow them to also prepare for the problems expected to arise as well.Ethics statements can feed public panic because they indirectly act as a sort of a vague science fiction in which our fearful imaginations must fill in the blanks. When experts present the problem it’s easy to think of only the worst-case scenarios. Even when you consider the benefits, faster video editing and error correction seem like a small advantage when the negatives include fake news people will struggle to identify.We Only Lose When We Resist ProgressNevertheless, this technology will emerge regardless of any efforts to stop it. Our own history repeatedly demonstrates that any efforts to stop the progression of science will, at most, result in a brief delay. We should not want to stop people who understand and care about the ethics of what they create because that leaves others to create the same technology in the shadows. What we can’t see might seem less frightening for a while, but we have no way of preparing, understanding, or guiding these efforts when they’re invisible.While technologies like the aforementioned text-based video editor will inevitably lead both to malicious uses and more capable AI in the future, we already fall victim to similar manipulations on a daily basis. Doctored photos are nothing new and manipulative editing showcases how context can determine meaning—a technique taught in film school. AI adds another tool to the box and increases mistrust in a medium that has always been easily manipulated. This is unpleasant to experience, but ultimately a good thing.Image credit: Will SigmonWe put too much trust in our senses and the recordings we view. Reminders of this help prevent us from doing that. When Apple adds attention correction to video chats and Google actually makes a voice assistant that can make phone calls for you we will need to remember that what we see and hear may not accurately represent reality. Life doesn’t require accuracy to progress and thrive. Pretending we can observe objective reality does more harm than accepting we can’t. We don’t know everything, our purpose remains a mystery to science, and we will always make mistakes.  Our problem is not with artificial intelligence, but rather that we believe we know the full story when we only know a few details.As we enter this new era we should not fight against the inevitable technology that continues to shine a spotlight on our misplaced trust. AI continues to demonstrate the fragility of the ways we conceive of reality as a species at a very rapid pace. That kind of change hurts. We lose our footing upon realizing we had only imagined the stable ground we’ve walked upon our entire lives. We seek a new place of stability as we tumble through uncertainty because we see the solution as the problem. We may not be ready for this change, but if we fight the inevitable we will never be.Artificial intelligence will continue to erode the false comforts we enjoy, and that can be frightening, but that fear is also an opportunity. It provides us with a choice: to oppose something that scares us or attempt to understand it and use it for the benefit of humanity.Now read:Soon, Alexa Will Know When You’re About to DieNew Research Warns of ‘Normal Accident’ From AI in Modern WarfareGoogle Duplex AI Still Needs a Lot of Help From HumansTop image credit: Getty Images The Biggest Problems ‘Pokemon GO’ Still Has Taika Waititi to Direct ‘Thor 4’ With ‘Akira’ Plans On Hold Why Billy Hargrove from ‘Stranger Things’ Looks So Familiar Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder Helen From ‘Waterworld’ Is 56 Now and Incredibly Gorgeous By Adam Dachis on July 19, 2019 at 11:02 am Anna Kendrick’s Transformation is Turning Heads How Deepfakes and Other Reality-Distorting AI Can Actually Help Us 16 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNetlast_img read more

ET Deals AMD Ryzen 7 2700x for 199 During Amazon Prime Day

first_img The Fan Theory That Will Totally Change How You See Eric Forman ‘Dark Phoenix’ Director Reveals Who Is to Blame for Massive Flop By Michael Sexton on July 16, 2019 at 12:56 pm ET Deals: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x for $199 During Amazon Prime Day Artist Reimagines Iconic Disney Scenes with a Hilarious Twist With the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X, AMD’s last-gen flagship CPU has started its slow exit from the market. The Ryzen 7 2700X still offers excellent performance, however, and you can get one of these high-end processors for an almost unbelievable price of $199.99 during Amazon’s Prime Day sales event.The Ryzen 7 2700X features eight CPU cores that can handle two threads each, which enables the processor to run a total of sixteen threads simultaneously. Each CPU core is also able to run at a max clock speed of 4.3GHz and the processor as a whole has whopping 20MB of cache.Though it is no longer the top SKU from AMD, it’s nonetheless one of most powerful processors available and it can competently compete with Intel’s Core i7 products. Marked down from its original retail price of $329 to $199.99 for Prime Day, the Ryzen 7 2700X also costs less than half of what the new Ryzen 7 3700X is listed for.You can also get the even faster AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X that comes loaded with 16 cores marked down from $899.00 to $499.99, which makes it also an excellent deal. If you want to buy one of these processors at the current price you will need to act today, however, as the deal expires at 11:59 PM EST. Extremetech may earn affiliate commissions from the shopping links included on this page. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The First ‘Scary MCU Film’ Will Come Out During Phase 4 What Natalie Portman Could Look Like as the Mighty Lady Thor Bran’s Deleted ‘GoT’ Scene Would Have Changed Everything The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel 1 Comment Tagged In et deals Post a Comment 1 Commentlast_img read more

Nearly TwoThirds of Advertisers Say Brand Safety Tools Are Not Fit for

first_imgBrand Marketers Say They Would Forgo the Use of Solutions If They Were Not Achieving Adequate ReachThough almost all advertisers are using technology to prevent brand safety incidents, almost two thirds (61 percent) are seriously concerned that such tools are not fit for purpose, according to a new report from military-grade cybersecurity company CHEQ and media publisher Digiday.The survey of 300 brands, agencies and publishers found that 85 percent of brands have used safety technology for more than a year, 11 percent have started using these solutions in the past year, and 3 percent plan to implement them in the next 12 months.However, brands are concerned that such tools are failing to adequately deal with the problem of brand safety. The main concern, from 95 percent of brands expressing concern, is that the use of blacklists and whitelists is limiting the reach of their online campaigns. Highlighting their frustration, 92 percent of brand marketers would forgo the use of brand safety tools if they were not achieving adequate reach, while 99 percent want more customized tools to ensure safety, without sacrificing reach.Marketing Technology News: RedPoint Announces Digital Acquisition Platform for Targeted Ad ExperiencesPublishers say brand safety is hurting monetization In a similar picture, some 60 percent of publishers have offered technology or tools for more than a year, to ensure advertisers reach the right audience. In addition, 26 percent of publishers have introduced solutions in the last 12 months, and nine percent plan to in the next 12 months.However, 84 percent of publishers believe first generation brand safety solutions are over-blocking safe content on their sites, and 42 percent are extremely concerned that this is damaging monetization. More broadly, 91 percent of publishers fear that crude overblocking, such as using keywords, poses a threat to the future of online content and news. Some 88 percent of publishers believe more customized technology tools would help them to better monetize more of their content.Marketing Technology News: Waze and Arrive Unveil Enhanced Trip Planner for Stadiums and VenuesCHEQ founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich said: “Advertisers are increasingly putting pressure on the industry, from platforms to publishers, to ensure ads are served in safe environments. That has been a catalyst for the creation of an entire catalogue of solutions, tools, and technologies. However, a staggering 61 percent of brands and 84 percent of publishers are seriously concerned that today’s tools are insufficient to deal with the problem of brand safety. While everyone has a part to play, there is a major responsibility within the tech industry to step up to the plate by deploying major advances that have taken place in brand safety recognition and detection, particularly with AI, which can detect brand safe issues in real time and prevent ads being served. The use of a more sophisticated and customized approach can improve trust and provide reassurance that brand safety can be effectively managed.”Marketing Technology News: Epicor Acquires Auto Care CRM Systems Provider MechanicNet Nearly Two-Thirds of Advertisers Say Brand Safety Tools Are Not Fit for Purpose PRNewswireJune 11, 2019, 6:32 pmJune 11, 2019 Brand SafetyCHEQGuy TytunovichMarketing Technology Newsmilitary-grade cybersecurityNews Previous ArticleM-Files Extends Salesforce Customer 360 with Integrated Access to All Enterprise InformationNext ArticleEricsson Mobility Report: 5G Uptake Even Faster Than Expectedlast_img read more

Nick Jonas Showers Praise on Priyanka Chopras UNICEF Work in Ethiopia Calls

first_imgSince she has arrived in the country, Priyanka has been constantly sharing emotional stories of the African children and is highlighting their struggles and concerns through her social media clout, like their refuge status, the violence they face, education, health and hygiene among others things. Talking about her mission in Ethiopia, Priyanka said earlier, “I am in Ethiopia for a specific reason. I want to highlight Unicef’s education programme when it comes to children and youth in the country. There is a huge barrier when it comes to access to education for children, especially because there are so many dropouts in school which begin as soon as kids start school. The primary education goes from std1 to std 8 and secondary education is after that. We see dropouts of children even from Std 1.” She also shared multiple clips as she spent time with school children playing in playgrounds and dancing with them. Follow @News18Movies for more africacannes film festivalCannes Film Festival 2019Ethiopia First Published: May 23, 2019, 4:28 PM ISTcenter_img Nick Jonas says that he is a “proud husband” to Priyanka Chopra. Posting an image of the Isn’t It Romantic actress that shows her in the midst of teenagers from the African nation of Ethiopia, Nick expressed his affection and admiration for the 36-year-old, who he thinks is inspiring the world with her noble deeds and action.Right after attending the Cannes Film Festival with Nick, where she also lent support to a film on AIDS crisis, titled 5B, Priyanka flew off to Ethiopia to work with impoverished and underprivileged children there. She is UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador in the country and a prominent representative of the organisation. A series of pictures and videos posted by Priyanka on her social media handles, give us a glimpse of the kind of work the organisation is doing in collaboration with her. Captioning an image of Priyanka’s time in Ethiopia, Nick wrote, “@priyankachopra is so inspiring to me and so many people around the world every day. The work she does with @unicef is incredible #proudhusband.” last_img read more

Caste Not Development Will Influence Voting Patterns in UPs Purvanchal in Phase

first_imgLucknow: With voting in five phases of Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh over, the focus has now shifted to the sixth and seventh phases, which will be held on May 12 and 19 for the remaining 27 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in the state. The Purvanchal region in the state plays a crucial role in determining the government at the Centre and it is said that party that wins Purvanchal also forms the government at the Centre.In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the Modi wave helped the BJP fetch 26 out of 27 seats in the region. It was only Azamgarh that was won by the Samajwadi Party with Mulayam Singh Yadav as its candidate. In 2009, when the UPA once again formed the government at the Centre, Congress had bagged 21 Lok Sabha seats in UP, out of which 18 were from the Purvanchal region. This is why both the BJP and SP-BSP alliance are focusing on these 27 crucial Purvanchal seats. In the sixth phase, 14 seats that will go for polling include Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Phulpur, Allahabad, Ambedkar Nagar, Shrawasti, Domariyaganj, Basti, Sant Kabir Nagar, Lalganj, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Machhlishahr and Bhadohi.Meanwhile, with an aim to revive the party in the state and to take the tally further up from two seats, the Congress has played its trump card by roping in Priyanka Gandhi and making her in-charge of the eastern Uttar Pradesh. The SP-BSP alliance has minutely worked out the caste equations in this region, while the BJP is still relying on PM Modi’s magic to repeat the performance of 2014.The Purvanchal region is known to have turned several strongmen into politicians and most parties try to cash in on the local Robinhood-like image of these politicos by having them on their side. Politicians from Purvanchal, who had multiple criminal cases against them before they took the political plunge, include Mukhtar Ansari, Dhananjay Singh, Ateeq Ahmad, Harishankar Tiwari, Ajay Rai and Ramakant Yadav. Another important factor that will determine the politics fate of the Purvanchal region is the caste equation. In some seats, Brahmin and Thakurs are the deciding factors and in other, it’s the Muslim, Dalit and Yadav combination that seems to be at play. The Congress wants to retain its core vote bank of upper caste Sawarns and Muslims, and the BJP is facing the challenge of retaining upper caste and OBC voters.Speaking to News18, senior journalist Navneet Tripathi said that caste plays a more important role than any other factor in the Purvanchal belt. “The equation is very trivial in when it comes to Purvanchal. The issue of development takes a backseat here and that is why most parties are inclined towards working out the caste arithmetic. Also, the Brahmin and Thakur voters play an important role in this region. In 2014, these two castes backed the BJP fully, but this time it seems they are a bit confused. Even after being politically active, the issue of development is not as important as caste in Purvanchal region.” BJPcongressPurvanchalSP-BSP Alliance First Published: May 8, 2019, 3:14 PM ISTlast_img read more

Deepika Padukone was All Smiles as She Shares Frame with Kendall Jenner

first_imgOn the work front, Deepika will be seen alongside Ranveer Singh in the upcoming film ’83, directed by Kabir Khan. In ’83, that traces India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup win, Ranveer will essay the role of Kapil Dev, who captained the team to the glorious victory. Deepika, meanwhile, will be seen as his wife Romi Dev.Deepika, who has lately been having a dream run at the box office with back-to-back hits like Piku, Tamasha, Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, was apparently a bit apprehensive about taking a supporting role in an all-men’s film. It was Ranveer who reportedly convinced her to get on board.Also starring Pankaj Tripathi, Saaqib Saleem, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Ammy Virk and Harrdy Sandhu, 83 will release in April 2020.Follow @News18Movies for more Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone Kendall Jennerkendall jennermental health First Published: June 19, 2019, 1:10 PM IST Deepika, on her Instagram page, shared a black and white photograph of herself and said her experience with mental illness has taught her a lot.”Mental illness has presented society with a very tough challenge… But my experience with the illness has taught me so much; to be patient for one… But most importantly that there is ‘Hope’!” she wrote alongside the image.center_img Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was all smiles as she posed with supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner at a charity dinner. Deepika, an advocate of mental health awareness, was attending the Anxiety Youth Centre Dinner held by the New York Presbyterian Hospital. A photograph of the two stars was shared by the celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou on Instagram. In the image, the “Piku” star is seen sporting a fringed Alberta Ferretti pantsuit paired up with dangling earrings. Kendall is seen in an orange bodycon dress. Deepika also shared a picture of the two on her Instagram and wrote, “I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul. I wish you all the joy in the world and peace of mind, always.”last_img read more

Shahid Kapoors Kabir Singh Enters Rs 200 Crore Club Actor Thanks Fans

first_imgKabir Singh has surpassed all the expectations at the box office. The film, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, has turned out to be a blockbuster at the ticket window.As per film trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Kabir Singh has earned Rs 206.48 crore in 11 days. He tweeted, “#KabirSingh is 200 Not Out 🔥🔥🔥… Hits double century at the BO, but shows no signs of fatigue… [Week 2] Fri 12.21 cr, Sat 17.10 cr, Sun 17.84 cr, Mon 9.07 cr, Tue 8.31 cr, Wed 7.53 cr. Total: ₹ 206.48 cr. India biz.” #KabirSingh is 200 Not Out 🔥🔥🔥… Hits double century at the BO, but shows no signs of fatigue… [Week 2] Fri 12.21 cr, Sat 17.10 cr, Sun 17.84 cr, Mon 9.07 cr, Tue 8.31 cr, Wed 7.53 cr. Total: ₹ 206.48 cr. India biz.— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) July 4, 2019 Shahid also put out a long Instagram post thanking fans. He wrote, “Your love is so overwhelming words will always fall short. Thank you for understanding him, forgiving him and loving him with all your heart. We all fall apart. And we all must strive to rise from our faults. To be better. To be wiser. To be kinder. He is flawed. So are we all. You didn’t judge him you experienced him.”The film has been criticised for its aggressive lead, played by Kapoor. He added, “You understood him. I have never ever felt so thankful. The most flawed character I have ever played. Has become my most loved. Indeed Indian cinema and the audience has come a long way. More power to brave choices. More power to you all for your maturity and humanness.” box officeKAbir Singhkiara advaniRs 200 Crore First Published: July 4, 2019, 7:11 PM IST Despite being criticised for its patriarchal, violent and misogynistic protagonist, and releasing on a non-holiday weekend, Kabir Singh has emerged as the fourth biggest Hindi opener at the domestic box office this year. The entire film was also leaked by piracy website TamilRockers, but it did not impact the business either.Kabir Singh overtook Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat to become the biggest opener in Shahid’s career. last_img read more

Congress Leaders Led by Priyanka Gandhi Make Allout Bid to Placate Rahul

first_img Ashok GehlotcongressCongress presidentkamal nath First Published: May 28, 2019, 11:19 PM IST New Delhi: With Congress President Rahul Gandhi remaining steadfast on quitting his post in wake of the poll drubbing, hectic activities were witnessed on Tuesday to tide over the crisis amid questions over whether there will be a structural overhaul, starting from the top.Not only was the party in crisis at the central level, but its state units in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka also looked in a disarray and vulnerable to a collapse. Led by his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a host of party leaders met the angry and sulking Congress President at his residence through the day and Gandhi is believed to have conveyed to them that he could at best lead the party in Parliament as the chief of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP).He is believed to have conveyed to the party leaders that he was “not running away” but wanted that someone else should lead the Congress, not necessarily from his family.Gandhi cited past examples when the party was led by leaders from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family, according to a senior leader.As he stayed firm on quitting, suggestions poured in noisily from other members that he should not do so but appoint a working president or a vice-president to look after day-to-day functioning.Congress leaders said that if he had agreed to withdraw his resignation, there was scope for further discussion but because of his response there is no further progress on the matter. Besides Priyanka, who stayed with her brother for most of the day, those who met Gandhi included party general secretary KC Venugopal, Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala.With Gandhi remaining adamant, a presidium system to govern the party is being considered, wherein a group of senior leaders will run the show.Party sources said Gandhi is unlikely to be the party leader in the Lok Sabha and the post may go to someone else as happened in the previous House. But he can be the CPP leader.Two senior Congress general secretaries said Gandhi was not willing to take the position of leader of the Congress in the lower House, which will not have the status of Leader of Opposition, a Cabinet rank, because of the lack of adequate numbers.They said that he was more eager to continue the ideological battle against the BJP and its mentor RSS in and outside Parliament.The leaders said Gandhi had taken the party’s poor showing in the Lok Sabha election personally and offered to step down as the Congress president and called for someone outside the Gandhi family to head the party.He has told senior leaders that he did not want to get into the appointments of state unit and district chiefs.The party is in deep crisis as resignations by senior leaders are piling up across the states ever since its poor show in the Lok Sabha election in which it bagged only 52 seats in the 543-member House. The number is just eight more than it got last time in 2014.Gandhi, in the wake of the party’s poll debacle, had offered to resign during the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting held on Saturday last but it was unanimously rejected.The CWC, which is the party’s top decision-making body, authorised him to make structural changes in the party.However, he has remained adamant on quitting the post and efforts are being made to convince him to change his position.Gandhi is particularly unhappy with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as he feels he did not do enough for the party to be able to score well in the Lok Sabha elections in the state where the Congress performed well in the Assembly election and formed the government only six months ago.He refused to meet Gehlot on Monday and asked him to meet Venugopal instead.On Tuesday, Gehlot went to Gandhi’s residence and later met party treasurer Ahmed Patel at the Congress office here before returning to Jaipur.The Congress is expected to call another CWC meeting within the next four days.Gandhi had blamed Gehlot and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath for devoting more time in the constituencies of their sons instead of doing more for the party in the elections.Senior Congress leader Pramod Tiwari, who met Priyanka Gandhi at Gandhi’s residence on Tuesday, said this was not the time for Gandhi to resign but seek accountability from those who were given responsibility.”All those who are responsible should give their resignation and Rahul Gandhi should remain as the party president,” Tiwari said, while speaking to the media after the meeting.”The Congress has faced such a debacle many a time and this party has the strength to come back and the party should be led by Rahul Gandhi and the Gandhi family,” he added. last_img read more

This ridiculous GE video shows just how tough troubleshooting smart bulbs can

first_imgA video instructing customers how to get through the 11-step process to factory reset a General Electric smart bulb shows just how ridiculous fixing some connected appliances can be. Twitter user Josh Jordan brought attention to the video, tweeting, “This (real) video from GE on how to reset their ‘C’ lightbulbs is the most incredible how-to video you’ll ever see. They want to see how far they can push their customers before they snap.”The three-minute video from GE Lighting goes through the extensive process of factory resetting one of their smart bulbs to unpair the bulb from connected devices. It’s as simple as turning the lightbulb on for eight seconds and off for two seconds. Then on again for eight seconds. Then off again for two seconds. It gets excessive after the fifth time you have to turn the lightbulb on. If you can make it through the video’s three-minute run time, it’s actually comedy gold. All jokes aside, it brings to light (pun intended) how difficult it can be to troubleshoot smart appliances that have no screens or real inputs. We live in a time of smart TVs, smart fridges, smart thermostats, smart doorbells and an entire range of smart appliances that now make up our homes. However, just because they are labeled as “smart” doesn’t mean they won’t ever have issues. This (real) video from GE on how to reset their "C" light bulbs is the most incredible how-to video you'll ever see.They want to see how far they can push their customers before they snap. https://t.co/gbXOc543fy— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) June 20, 2019In fact, one in 10 smart home device owners experience unresolved technical problems. Unlike calling a plumber to fix your sink or an electrician to repair a faulty light switch, troubleshooting for smart home devices often requires users themselves to work with the technology to try to figure out what went wrong.Think about it this way: If a traditional thermostat breaks, you could call an HVAC tech and most likely have it fixed in no time. When Honeywell’s servers went down in September, customers were unable to control their smart thermostats in their homes, leaving them in the cold until the server was back up.Sure, turning a lightbulb on and off 10 times can seem excessive and annoying,  but at least it’s a simple device that only turns on and off and doesn’t require a complicated interface that connects to a far-away server. The best smart light bulbs for 2019 Wyze’s next ultra-affordable smart device is an $8 light bulb Amazon cuts prices of Sengled Smart LED Starter Kits by up to 40% on Prime Day Woot offers huge discounts on Philips Hue smart lighting for one day only Amazon Prime Day sees up to 40% discounts on Sengled Smart LED kits and bulbs Editors’ Recommendationslast_img read more

Feast your eyes on the wildest most elaborate Rube Goldberg machines ever

first_img The funniest things to ask Alexa The best Xbox 360 games Amazon worker’s A.I.-powered cat flap stops his pet from bringing in dead animals Still looking for PSP games? Here are our top 10 picks! From Big Daddy to Murder Mystery, these are Adam Sandler’s best movies There isn’t anyone on the planet who can deny the pleasure of watching a good Rube Goldberg machine. For those of you who don’t know, Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, often referred to as the “father of invention” for his series of comics depicting what we call Rube Goldberg machines: Complicated, deliberately overengineered contraptions that ultimately perform a very simple task. Ironically, they’re rarely (if ever) built by rubes. One step triggers the next in a chain reaction until the final task is complete. Once it starts, it’s practically impossible to peel yourself away from the anticipation of what’s coming next.From Japan to the United States, Goldberg contraptions have flooded cultures around the world in commercials, contests, movies, and TV shows. We’ve put together a collection of some of the best Rube Goldberg machines, apparatuses, inventions, and devices that will blow your freakin’ mind — one domino at a time. If you like these, check out our picks for the coolest Lego machines.Sprice Machines — The Lemonade MachineWhat’s the fastest way to make lemonade? Definitely not by using this machine, which weaves its way through what seems like an entire house and even out into the yard. Watching the 9-minute video is an exercise in patience, not just for the viewer, but presumably the crew involved in making and filming the machine. At one point, the slow drip of goo necessitates a time lapse, the camera waiting dutifully. One shudders to think about the possibility of a ball rolling slightly off path three quarters of the way through, requiring a full reset of the long and extraordinarily complicated contraption. For sheer scale and ambition, the Lemonade Machine is a spectacular feat.Purdue Society of Professional Engineers — 2018 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest WinnerYou need a mere three ingredients to make a bowl of cereal: Bowl, cereal, milk. It’s the mark of a great Rube Goldberg design that the process can be stretched across three acts. The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers did just that with their first-place entry at the 2018 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The machine is essentially a rotating triptych; three vignettes, each given a fantasy aesthetic. The first, at the end of its complex mechanism, places the bowl, the second pours the cereal, the third the milk. It’s a dazzling display of engineering, bolstered by an enchanting theme.DREWuhPicture — The Pizza MachineWhen hunger strikes in the dead of night, you have a few options. You could order a pizza from your local chain, or you could build an elaborate, multiple room-spanning machine that will prepare your pizza and probably annoy any roomates you might have. YouTube user DREWuhPicture posted a video of this impressive machine, which dumps sauce and cheese onto a pizza, throws it in a toaster-oven, and then proceeds to distract you with a bunch of cool tricks while the pizza cooks. The Pizza Machine is notable not just for its utility, but for its inventive design, making use of various household objects including a toy train, pool balls, VHS cases, and even what appears to be a Hannah Montana CD. The machine loses a few points for burning the pizza in the video, but given the lack of pepperoni, it was destined to be an underwhelming meal anyway.jackofallspades98 — The Bet-Losing MachineYouTube user jackofallspades98 has made a number of great machines, but his magnum opus may be the “Bet-losing Machine,” which he made after losing a bet. His punishment was to make a machine that spans two-tables. The machine took four months to make, according to the maker, and involved 297 failed attempts. The final result is astounding, however: A machine of incredible complexity. The two tables are crammed with a dense collection of objects, with numerous mechanisms criss crossing each other, yet every step in the chain flows perfectly. While the machine doesn’t seem to have any theme to it, its technical virtuosity suffices.Scandiweb — Christmas Tree LightswitchIf you want to see every element in detail, you may need to slow this video down a bit. Even sped up, it lasts for more than four and a half minutes, which seems insane until you notice that the video was uploaded by Guinness as the World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine! Crafted by Latvian e-commerce company Scandiweb as a treat for the citizens of Riga (and, of course, for some sweet PR), the machine is unfathomably large, featuring dozens of unique twists and several sections where multiple paths diverge only to come together once more in ridiculous fashion. Other entries on our list may feature more unique themes or ideas, but none are quite as mind-bottlingly detailed.HEYHEYHEY — Melvin the Magical Mixed Media MachineDesign studio HEYHEYHEY created Melvin the Machine for the 2010 Dutch Design Week at the MU art space. The contraption uses cameras and videos to record the audience’s reaction while in motion. These photos and videos are then uploaded to Melvin’s social media accounts. This Rube Goldberg machine also creates original works of art during the performance. Melvin’s Twitter has been silent for a few years now, though, the official website did specify that the Magical Mixed Media Machine would be taking an indefinite break from Twittering, Facebooking, and partying.HEYHEYHEY — Melvin the Mini MachineThe same design studio behind Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine, HEYHEYHEY, also created the newer and much smaller Melvin the Mini Machine. After the success of the original Rube Goldberg machine, the studio was bombarded with requests to take their wonderfully inefficient show on the road. However, the massive unit was simply too big and expensive to rebuild routinely. HEYHEYHEY then decided to create a more travel-friendly version of their original Rube Goldberg machine. This unit is designed to fit within the confines of a pair of suitcases, which work in tandem as part of a larger, more portable performance.2D House — Isaac Newton vs. Rube GoldbergThough some of the machines on this list are painfully detailed and long-winded affairs, Toronto-based 2D House kept it short and sweet with this contraption. Gravity has met its match here, as the first half of the process is made to look like your average, run-of-the-mill Rube Goldberg machine (if there even is such a thing) — except it’s being filmed upside down. Once you see the odd flight path taken by the marbles at around the 15-second mark, your brain starts to realize how ridiculous this thing actually is. Instead of the burdensome complexity we’ve come to expect from these videos, Newton vs. Goldberg makes you want to go back and watch it again to try and figure out exactly what’s going on.Honda — CogSix hundred and six takes later, this Honda commercial titled “Cog” first aired in the U.K. in 2003. Hoping to boost car sales, Honda got a team of engineers, car designers, and even a sculptor to design the machine — made up parts from two disassembled Honda Accord cars. The two minute commercial, which only aired on TV a handful of times, cost over $1 million and seven months to film. That said, it proved to be money well spent. The commercial’s popularity skyrocketed in the United Kingdom, hitting the highest web traffic records for the Honda U.K. domain in its history the day after the commercial aired. “Cog” has also nabbed the most awards of any commercial in history to date. No graphics or digital tricks were used in the making of the commercial, despite what YouTube commenters would have you believe.OK Go — This Too Shall PassThe Chicago band OK Go became an overnight sensation after the release of the music video for Here We Go Again, which featured a treadmill-based dance routine. Since then, the band has become famous for its elaborate videos. To break ground in the music industry for a second time in 2010, the band needed the help of an elaborate Goldberg contraption. The video, cleverly titled This Too Shall Pass raked over 50 million views on YouTube and took over four months to shoot. The enormous contraption flows over two stories of an LA warehouse, making the video’s single, unbroken camera shot quite impressive. The beat and lyrics of the song perfectly synch with each step of the contraption from a falling piano to swinging pledge hammers and everything in between. The team even got the help of NASA scientists for the video that induces some serious gasp-heavy moments.MythBusters — Rube Goldberg ChristmasThe idea of a creating a Goldberg contraption was so tempting for the famous MythBusters duo, they didn’t even need a myth to build it. Hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hynema do it big and this Christmas inspired machine is no exception. Fire, an oversized nutcracker, a Mentos explosion, and the remaining 31 working parts make for a must watch MythBusters moment. If you want more MythBusters/Goldberg, the boys came out with a series called “Unchained Reaction” in 2012, pitting two teams against each other to build Goldberg-like machines. But for now, enjoy the OG of MythBusters’ Goldberg creations.3M commercialWho could have predicted that your everyday Post-it notes and Scotch tape could make such an eye-catching machine? The people at 3M collected over 25,000 Post-it notes, 300 feet of reflective sheet, 200 pounds of steel, 75 rolls of Scotch tape, and a whole lot more to create this intricate machine made entirely of its own products. It took over 1,400 hours and required input from experts in scientific disciplines like physics, chemistry, and thermodynamics to complete. “The Brand Machine” (as 3M refers to it), like most Goldberg machines, illustrates a larger point: that we might overlook the small things like a Post-it Note that simplify our lives. So after watching this 3M Goldberg machine, you better appreciate your Post-its.Red Bull Kluge — The athlete machineRed Bull is the king of epic content. To kick off its Goldberg invention, then, a skydiver decked out in Red Bull gear is dropped from a cargo bay helicopter. This human chain reaction, called “Kluge,” is powered by a star studded athlete cast including Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, BMX rider Danny MacAskill, and pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. Pros or not, the athletes couldn’t do it alone, as the undertaking required over 45 GoPro cameras, a 75 person crew, 12 different machines, and 3,433 man hours to complete. The man behind the video, Adam Sadowsky founder of Syyn Labs, said “It’s like watching a NASCAR wreck in slow motion … it’s physics in action.”Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure — The breakfast machineThe breakfast machine in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is just as awesome today as it was back then. Pee-Wee starts his day by releasing his retraceable sheets before stepping into his bunny slippers, then sliding down his fireman pole and finally lighting a candle triggering one of the most memorable creations on the big screen, the breakfast machine. We can all assume Rube Goldberg would have been a huge fan of the 1985 movie along with that breakfast that looks so darn good before Pee-Wee pours Mr.T cereal all over it.NatGeo TV — The Nat Geo contraption“Entertain your brain” is the slogan behind this promotional video by National Geographic and that it does. In hopes to pry people away from their smartphones and back to watching TV, the British Nat Geo team built a four ton Goldberg machine. Using a human loop-the-loop and the entire solar system makes this apparatus the most massive Goldberg on our list. We’re not exactly sure what this has to do with either nature or geography, but it’s awesome anyway.2D House — 2D photography Rube Goldberg machine2D House, making its second appearance on our list, is a photography company that’s becoming well known for its Goldberg photo-themed contraptions. After eight months of grueling work, the photo team debuted this one complete with camera bags, camera, umbrella’s tripods, caps, and lens. 2D also offers a back stage “How it’s made” video in combination with the photo finish.Joseph’s Machines — The DresserDo you have trouble getting up in the morning? You could try a fancy alarm clock, but maybe a better solution would be an elaborate mechanism that will prep your clothes and make a disaster of your apartment. The YouTube channel Joseph’s Machines features a number of quirky, clever devices, and one of the most charming is the Dresser, a relatively simple machine that is nevertheless entertaining. The video is essentially a skit in which the protagonist wakes up to the sound of his alarm, dumps his clock in a cup of water, and kicks off a sequence designed to help him get ready for work. The piece is notable both for its slapstick, Chaplin-esque humor and for the fact that it appears to consist of a single take. Creator Joseph Herscher spent a year working on the Dresser, and the effort shows.Joseph’s Machines — The Cake ServerAnother superb invention from Joseph’s Machines, the Cake Server solves one of mankind’s oldest culinary conundrums: What if you want a slice of cake after your meal, but don’t want to stand up and serve it yourself? The solution is an ingenious device that incorporates a number of otherwise useless household items like a candle, a stick of butter, and a MacBook. Most impressively, the Cake Server manages to wrangle one of the most mercurial ingredients in any Rube Goldberg machine we’ve seen: A toddler. And while the machine’s design may require you to always have a child on hand when you want dessert, it’s a small price to pay for sweet, sweet cake. Editors’ Recommendationslast_img read more

Sony is making vinyl records for the first time since 1989

first_imgSony was once a major component in the global record business, churning out millions of records every year to satisfy music lovers around the globe. As times changed, though, consumers turned toward smaller, more portable music options, the height of which was the CD…something Sony itself was heavily involved developing. It eventually dropped its vinyl business as consumers gravitated to CDs.Consumers later moved away from CDs in favor of digital music downloads, being wowed by the ability to pack dozens — and later hundreds and then thousands — of songs onto a single music player. The portability and usability was unrivaled, but also missing the magic that came with owning a physical disc that could sit on a shelf for all to see.What was old became new again, and consumers began thrifting old players and records, building up their collections from dust bins and dime deals, slowly bringing the market back from death. Demand has risen for years, driving up used record costs, and companies have responded by launching new record players packed with modern tech and newly pressed vinyl with more modern albums.If all goes as expected, vinyl record sales will exceed the billion-dollar milestone by the end of this year.SOURCE: The Guardian The demand for vinyl continues to climb, and in light of it Sony has started creating records for the first time since 1989. The announcement was made today by Sony Music Entertainment, which says production will be taking place at a factory located near Tokyo. The news comes in light of increased consumer interest in records, and not just old ones: we’re seeing soundtracks increasingly launch on new vinyl, including the ‘Ocarina of Time’ soundtrack and the ‘Last Guardian’ soundtrack. Story TimelineMarshall Acton Oxblood Limited Edition speaker boasts classic vinyl designPS4’s anticipated ‘Last Guardian’ gets collector’s vinyl soundtrackLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack vinyl to launch next yearlast_img read more

Verizon Up replaces Smart Rewards and makes things simpler

first_imgVerizon is dangling many different rewards at its customers, though they’re not all equal. There are things like Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Uber rewards, among others. You must have a Verizon account that is in good standing before you can sign up; once you do, you’ll be able to start earning the points by doing things like paying your bill. The carrier says you must be on a ‘standard monthly plan’ to sign up.You must have the Verizon app on your phone; the carrier says you can sign up for the points program through it.Rewards, meanwhile, are split up into three different categories: Earned Rewards, Unexpected Rewards, and Super Tickets. The Earned rewards are most common, giving customers one of six different reward options every month for which they can redeem a Verizon Up credit. The credits could be put toward a future device if you’d like.AdChoices广告The Unexpected Rewards are, as the name suggests, things that arrive on special occasions, thus being something you can’t expect. Verizon says it’ll send these offers to some customers every once in a while, and that they count as gifts and don’t require you to redeem credits.Finally, there’s the Super Tickets tier, which gives some customers the chance to redeem their points for tickets to things like concerts or sporting events. Select customers will also get the opportunity to acquire ‘Dream Tickets’ for things Verizon describes as being stuff ‘money can’t buy’ or ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities. It doesn’t go into details about what these will be, however.If you’re a Verizon customer, you can sign up here. Verizon ended its Smart Rewards points program today and immediately replaced it with an alternative system called Verizon Up. Nothing remains the same, with the exception of earning rewards. Whereas before you earned points based on a roster of things like paying your bill, Verizon Up dishes out one reward for one point, and one point for every $300 you give the carrier (regardless of whether it was a bill payment or something else).last_img read more

Moment for iPhone X photo case lenses make the camera shine

first_imgAn entire niche market of clip-on lenses grew out of the middling camera capabilities of smartphones past. With dual cameras, wide angle lenses, and advanced camera sensors, you’d think that market has become redundant. Not so, if you ask Moment, who has given that market a distinct flair with the Moment 2.0 Kickstarter earlier this year. Now it has announced a new photo case and new lens set made especially for the iPhone X, raising the already high photography bar even higher. The Moment for iPhone X photo case and lenses are now available for pre-order and can be purchased individually. The Photo case itself only costs $29.99, but the lenses range from $89.99 to $99.99 each. One important note about those lenses is that using them will naturally block out the second camera, which means you’ll be giving up a minor bokeh effect to get a more splendid and professional-looking shot.SOURCE: Moment In a nutshell, what Moment offers is a protective case that lets you attach interchangeable lenses, but with a distinctive style. Those lenses include wide-angle, telephoto, superfish eye, and macro. Despite what modern premium smartphones today offer, they still can’t match up to what a discrete set of interchangeable lens can give.The Moment photo case, however, is more than just a way to attach lenses to the iPhone X. It also protects it while keeping the phone still slim and classy, especially when you opt for the wood texture accent on the back. It also has a place to put a wrist strap, which is essential for taking photos with peace of mind.Moment also made Battery Photo Cases for older iPhones and Pixels, which combined the same functionality with an extra battery. That is still coming next year and, when it does arrive, it will be bringing with it Qi Wireless Charging capabilities.last_img read more

Razer Phone Netflix camera updates land special edition teased

first_imgIt’s @Razer Phone Update time! pic.twitter.com/9ElyUNDS0Z— Danny Winget (@superscientific) January 29, 2018 Razer made an impressive first attempt, and Nextbit’s second, at making a smartphone but, like the Essential PH-1, it didn’t spring forth complete, feature-laden, and mostly bug-free. As the trend with smaller OEMs goes, they release early and just update often. How long those regular updates will last is still something to see, but, at least for the Razer, the update train continues. For this round, the promised Netflix features arrive with camera and security updates. Beyond that, CEO Min-Liang Tan is also teasing something for the future as far as hardware goes. Coinciding with CES earlier this month, Razer announced that the Razer Phone would be getting some special treatment from Netflix. For one, it will be getting HDR support for Netflix HDR content, joining the growing number of high-end smartphones with that feature. But ahead of everyone else, the Razer Phone will also be supporting Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio, something usually only found on PCs.Those features now arrive in the latest firmware update, but they aren’t arriving alone. There are also some camera improvements in the package, particularly one that fixes the problem where some images would have a yellow hue. And on par for the course, the camera software is also getting some fine-tuning, improvements, and bug fixes.The biggest bug fix in this update is for Meltdown and Spectre. While primarily associated with Intel processors, some ARM processors, especially those using Cortex-A cores, aren’t completely immune. The update also bring the Razer Phone up to date with the current Android security patches.center_img While these might be well and good for those who already own a Razer Phone, the company’s chief exec might have something for those still planning on buying one. Or even another one. A special edition Razer Phone is in the works and it might have a gold Razer logo on its back rather than a plain white one. Unfortunately, no sign of the company’s iconic green motif.last_img read more

YouTube pictureinpicture floating window test appears on desktop

first_imgYouTube has started testing a picture-in-picture feature on desktop, hinting at the arrival of the same floating window currently available on mobile devices. A picture-in-picture option makes it possible to browse other content while watching a video, a welcome addition to the desktop viewing experience. However, many details are still missing. Anyone who uses YouTube on Android or iOS will be familiar with the picture-in-picture experience. On mobile, the current video is reduced to a small floating window when the user hits the “back” button, enabling them to browse other videos while continuing to watch the current one. A similar feature in testing was recently spotted by 9to5Google.The feature has been spotted on Chrome OS and Safari, hinting at its eventual launch across all desktop platforms. To those with access, using the feature requires nothing special; just click on a video and after it starts playing, click elsewhere. The video window will be reduced to a smaller floating window like you’d find on mobile. According to those with access to the test, the user can control the floating video, such as pausing it, but it doesn’t appear that the picture-in-picture experience can be disabled. However, the video can be closed, which mirrors the mobile experience; in the apps, the user swipes the video to the side, which closes it. AdChoices广告Another big question remains: will picture-in-picture be available to all users, or will it be a premium feature limited to Red subscribers? There’s no answer at the moment, though if YouTube follows in its mobile footsteps, the feature should eventually be available to all users.SOURCE: 9to5Googlelast_img read more

Top 10 Instagram users as of November 2018

first_imgToday we’re taking a peek at an interesting statistic from Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social networks. Instagram stands alone on the web as a photo-centric app that allows celebrities to get up close and personal with fans – so to speak. While Twitter remains the best place to scream about politics, and Facebook is best for sharing photos with your mother, Instagram seems to be the place celebrities stake their claim over fans on the web. Story TimelineInstagram Shopping adds three big features for the holidaysInstagram feature accidentally leaks passwords, affected users warned to updateInstagram declares war on fake likesInstagram tests cleaner, simplified user profile design The topmost popular Instagram accounts as of November of 2018 include artists, actors, and people who seem to be icons for no particularly good reason. Much like Instagram’s social network predecessor, MySpace, every user starts off with one friend: Tom. Instagram’s version of MySpace Tom is the brand itself, Instagram.Instagram has a whopping 261 million followers – that’s as of the start of the month of November. Since then, numbers have changed JUST a little bit. The rest of the list goes like so:Instagram Followers at start of November 2018:1. Instagram’s official account: 261-million2. Christiano Ronaldo: 145-million3. Selena Gomez: 144-million4. Ariana Grande: 132-million5. Kim Kardashian: 120-million6. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 119-million7. Beyonce: 119-million8. Kylie Jenner: 118-million9. Taylor Swift: 112-million10. Neymar: 104-millionUPDATE: Instagram Followers as of November 27th, 2018:1. Instagram’s official account: 264.9 (UP nearly 4M)2. Christiano Ronaldo: 147-million (UP 2M+)3. Selena Gomez: 144-million (no significant change)4. Ariana Grande: 136-million (UP 4M+)5. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 122-million (UP 3M+) 6. Beyonce: 120.7-million (UP 1M+) 7. Kim Kardashian: 120.6-million (no significant change)8. Kylie Jenner: 120-million (UP 2M+)9. Taylor Swift: 113.1-million (UP 1M+)10. Neymar: 106.1-million (UP 2M+)In the month of November, both The Rock and Beyonce overtook Kim Kardashian. Every other top-10 Instagram user kept their same ranking.Of the top 10 accounts, 8 post from the United States of America. Cristiano Ronaldo posts from Portugal, and Neymar posts from Brazil. Both of these top-10 names are Footballers – a couple of the best in the business. If we remove the Instagram account (the official Instagram account on Instagram), the 10th place spot belongs to either Justin Beiber, Canadian musician, or Argentinian footballer Leo Messi. When this article is set to go live, it would appear that Beiber narrowly edges out Messi – by less than a million followers. There ends the Instagram users with followers numbering in the 6-digit following cult. last_img read more

OnePlus 7 specs leaked 48MP 5G in effect

first_imgThe big deal with OnePlus’s announcements on the next OnePlus smartphone made thus far seem to have been centered on 5G. However – as far as we can tell (via leaks) – the OnePlus 5G smartphone won’t necessarily be the OnePlus 7. Or at least we won’t see the OnePlus 7 at Mobile World Congress 2019. Instead, we’ll see at testing phone that’ll SORT OF give us an idea of the powers of which the OnePlus 7 will be capable.NOTE: Images in this article are of the recently-released Vivo V15 Pro. We got a Vivo V15 Pro hands-on experience posted this week – and it’s pretty neat. You’ll see a lot of specs there that end up close to the OnePlus 7 later this year.According to one source familiar with the information speaking with SlashGear on condition of anonymity – the OnePlus 7 will come toting 6.5-inch Optic AMOLED display and an in-display fingerprint sensor and 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution. There is a SMALL possibility the fingerprint sensor will be moved to the back of the phone again – but this is highly unlikely.According to this same source, device will sport several different editions, one with 6GB RAM (LPDDR4X), 64GB internal storage. Another will have 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. There’ll also be a highest-end version with 10GB RAM and either 256GB or 512GB internal storage. The processor in this device will be a Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) with one of the first Snapdragon X55 modems on the market. The OnePlus 7’s front camera will appear when activated. It’ll pop up like a periscope on a submarine. This front-facing camera pod will sport a 16MP f/2.0 aperture camera – LED flash unknown (probably unlikely). When you’ve turned off your camera’s selfie mode, the camera will pull its head back down into the phone. On the back of the phone a pair of cameras will be set in the center, vertically. These cameras will be 48MP and 5MP. The larger will have f/1.79 aperture and the smaller will have f/2.4, with pixel sizes 0.8um and 1.12um. There’ll be at least one LED if not two on the back, for flash.Camera features will be at least those offered in the OnePlus 6T, (plus more): AI Scene Detection, Portrait Mode, Pro Mode, Night Mode, Panorama, Time-Lapse, HDR, HQ, Studio Lighting, RAW Image. Inside we’ll find 5GHz Wi-fi, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 (with aptX and aptX HD), GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo. Also onboard: USB 2.0, Type-C, Support standard USB, Type-C Earphone, Dual Nano SIM Slot. Sensors include Hall,  Proximity, RGB Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Electronic Compass, Sensor Core. The OnePlus 7 will almost certainly be revealed and released in mid to late May, 2019. We’ll see an early iteration of SOME of its features at Mobile World Congress 2019, including some 5G action. Stick around for more information, coming up quick! Today we’re looking at a set of specifications for the OnePlus 7, having a peek at how it takes the line to a new level. The OnePlus 7 looks like it’ll reach for the logical conclusion in smartphone frontside evolution – one big display, no distractions. The specs sheet we’ve got today suggests the OnePlus 7 will tote a sizable display at 6.5-inches, with no front-facing camera – not immediately visible, anyway – and another under-display fingerprint sensor. Story TimelineA OnePlus 5G phone will be revealed in just a few weeks timeOnePlus 7 and the 5G ‘gaming phone’Why big teams like Apple develop and little ones like OnePlus disruptlast_img read more

Microsoft Band shutdown and wearable refunds The details you need

first_imgMicrosoft released two wearables under its Band fitness tracking line, the Band and Band 2. Sales of the second model stopped in October 2016, and Microsoft had dissolved its Band team around the same time, indicating that it was the end of the road for Microsoft’s wearable. However, the company had said that it was ‘committed to’ supporting its existing customers.It was a tough sell in a market packed with similar fitness products from competitors like Fitbit. The Microsoft Band never caught on in any significant way and the second-generation model failed to address many of the complaints buyers had about the original version. More bad newsIn a new announcement, Microsoft said it will be terminating both the Health Dashboard and Band apps on May 31. Current Microsoft Band owners can export their data before this date to save it for use with a different platform. Any data on the Health Dashboard will be deleted on May 31, at which time the Microsoft Band mobile app will no longer be functional.Though the wearable itself will still be functional after the deadline, it will have limited usefulness. According to Microsoft, Band owners will still be able to use the wearable to record their daily activity data, such as runs and hikes, as well as health info like heart rate and steps. The device will still support tracking sleep and for setting alarms.However, Microsoft warns that if you reset the Band after May 31, it will be impossible to set it up again, effectively making it useless.RefundsDo you hope to get a refund for your soon-to-be pointless device? Microsoft is offering refunds to some eligible Band users. To qualify, the device must be covered under its Limited Warranty and the user must be defined as an ‘Active User,’ which means someone who has used the device and synced data some time between December 1, 2018, and March 1, 2018.Eligible owners of the original Band will get $79.99 and eligible Band 2 owners will get $175 USD. Microsoft discontinued its fitness tracking wearable, the Microsoft Band, in late 2016. Users were able to continue using the device in the months following that, but the functionality will soon end with the shutdown of the Microsoft Health Dashboard. Microsoft Band applications will soon be removed from the app stores and Microsoft Store, as well. Story TimelineMicrosoft plots E3 2019 reveal for next-gen XboxMicrosoft HoloLens 2 official: $3,500 AR headset still isn’t for youWindows Lite OS is Microsoft’s second try at killing Chrome OSlast_img read more

The Tesla pickup truck is already built in Elon Musks head anyway

first_imgAsked on Twitter about the latest on the Tesla pickup, Musk promised that it was definitely still coming. Indeed, the outspoken billionaire suggests, he’s had “the core design/engineering elements in my mind for almost 5 years” now. It’s not the first time we’ve heard talk of a Tesla pickup truck. Back in mid-2016, Musk talked about the possibility in the second half of his “Tesla Master Plan” which also focused on how EVs could be autonomous and part of shared-services. Describing the vehicle as a “new kind of pickup truck,” Musk said it would join the automakers new compact SUV in the line-up. Indeed, we’ll have to wait for that compact SUV to arrive before getting any closer to the pickup. Musk confirmed that it has been scheduled to arrive after the Model Y, the smaller version of the Model X SUV that will make a play for the lucrative crossover segment that has seen some serious growth in the US and internationally over recent years. Originally the Model Y was intended to usher in a completely new platform, with all-new architecture; however, in a recognition of the urgency of its launch, Musk changed his plans and the crossover will now use “substantial carry-over from Model 3” for the sake of simplicity.AdChoices广告Where that leaves the currently-unnamed Tesla pickup truck is unclear. On the one hand, you could argue that America’s appetite for such vehicles means its launch is similarly urgent; in that case, borrowing the underpinnings of existing cars might make the most sense. However at some point Tesla is going to want to continue to push its agenda of simplifying its platform – something the Model 3 was already meant to be doing compared to the architecture of the Model S and Model X – and a workhorse EV could be the best place to start that.All the same, it’s not hard to imagine that some Model 3 reservation holders might find this attention on future vehicles more than a little frustrating. Production of the “most affordable” Tesla has so-far failed to live up to the automaker’s ambitious expectations, and though Musk & Co. have pushed back on suggestions that even the simplified Model 3 design is proving troublesome, claims that early cars have been effectively finished by hand haven’t done much to reassure investors or would-be owners alike. Suggestions in 2016 were that the Model Y was not expected to go into production until late 2019 or early 2020; there’s no telling just how feasible that schedule still is. I promise that we will make a pickup truck right after Model Y. Have had the core design/engineering elements in my mind for almost 5 years. Am dying to build it.— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 26, 2017 The Tesla pickup truck is still on the roadmap, CEO Elon Musk is insisting, though you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for the all-electric load hauler. While the EV-maker is busy trying to ramp up production of the Model 3, and work its way through some of the hundreds of thousands of reservations for the electric sedan, that hasn’t stopped Musk from stoking enthusiasm for a more workhorse-like model.center_img Story TimelineTesla Model 3 EPA driving range is 310 milesTesla Model 3 gets FM radio and trip odometer in new OTA updateTesla blamed for solar sales slidelast_img read more